The traditional themes of the series are new materials and experiences with regard to the use of multimedia in physics education, at the university as well as on the school level. At this time we would like to extend the topics with information on the use of MM in some other scientific subjects, and also with outlook towards industrial requirements of teaching MM methods at the university

Time schedule:

  Registration: 20 September, Wednesday, 10.00-13.00
  Opening 20 September 14.00
  Closing 22 September, Friday, 13.00

Sightseeing tour in Szeged and surroundings: Friday afternoon

Invited speakers:

  • Volker Albrecht (Frankfurt, Germany): Web- and exercise-based Learning Modules as Elements of Knowledge Construction in the Sciences
  • Wolfgang Christian (Davidson, USA): The Open Source Physics Library and Curricular Material
  • Francisco Esquembre (Murcia, Spain): Ready-to-use Open Source tools for the creation of simulations and curricular material. Examples from both Physics and Control Engineering Education
  • Zoltán Gingl (Szeged, Hungary): Real experiments using virtual measurement techniques
  • Bruce Mason (Oklahoma, MERLOT USA): Evaluation of Mulitmedia Learning Materials in Electricity and Magnetism
  • Hartmut Schmidt (Darmstadt, Germany): Design and testing of industrial products with optical modelling programs
  • István Rácz (Budapest, Hungary): Gravitational Physics with M
  • Program of the workshop (pdf)
    Poster sessions (pdf)
    Book of  abstracts (pdf)