The research of our group is focused on design, characterization, fabrication and application of plasmonic structures. We employ a variety of theoretical methods to perform plasmonic spectral engineering and to control light confinement by optimizing parallel the geometry and the illumination condition of plasmonic structures. This plasmonic-cavity-configuration optimization scenario is applied to attain plasmon enhanced nanophotonical phenomena. We are developing novel lithography technologies for fabrication of complex plasmonic structures comprising wavelength-scaled arrays of nano-objects over large surface areas at low costs. In addition to theoretical studies, we also realize angle- and wavelength-interrogation of the plasmonic structures characteristics. The optimized plasmonic-nanocavity-configurations are applied to improve performance of nano-devices in optical communication systems (e.g. single-photon detectors) and in lab-on-chip biosensing platforms (e.g. specific biodetection).