Curriculum Vitae

2009 - Oct - 29


Name: Gyula M. Szabó, Astronomer, MSc, PhD

Born: Szeged, 1979. 03. 15., Hungary



1997-2000: University of Szeged, MsC+BsC student of physics

1999-2002: University of Szeged, MsC+BsC student of astronomy

2002: graduate astronomer

2002-2005: graduate student of Physics, University of Szeged

2005: PhD in Physics (Thesis: Determination of the Physical Parameters of Asteroids and Comets with Photometric Methods, supervisor Želko Ivezić, Károly Szatmáry, László L. Kiss)

2005-2009: Postdoc, Department of Experimental Physics, University of Szeged

2009- : Researcher, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest


Area of Research: Astronomy, Astrophysics

Small bodies in Solar System and in extrasolar systems  
     (distant activity of comets, shapes of asteroids, exomoons)  
Advanced statistics in astronomy (sky survey applications)  
Variable Stars  
Star clusters  


     co-author in 43 refereed papers, 10 proceedings and 28 circulars

     223 citations, 166 SCI, 1 personal communication

     Cumulative impact factor 130 (estimate), Hirsch-number 10

     about 150 popularizing papers (in Hungarian)


     AJ, ApJ, Icarus, MNRAS and A&A


  Duration Purpose of visit
     Adam Miczkiewicz University, Poznań, 1997 1 month collaboration
     MTA Konkoly Observatory, 1998- multiple short visits observing
     Calar Alto German-Spanish Observatory, 2000 2 weeks observing
     Calar Alto German-Spanish Observatory, 2001 3 weeks observing
     Johns Hopkins University, 2002 10 weeks SDSS collaboration
     Johns Hopkins University, 2005 10 weeks SDSS collaboration
     Cima Ekar Observatory, Italy, 2003 1 week observing
     Princeton University, 2002 1 week SDSS collaboration
     Princeton University, 2004 4 weeks SDSS collaboration
     Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, 2005 1 week seminar talk
     University of Sydney, 2007 4 weeks collaboration
     University of Sydney, 2008 15 weeks collaboration

Workshop Organizing:

     Cometary Archives Launching Workshop, 2003. 03. 08-11., Rijeka, Croatia

Teaching activites:

     Astronomy (for physicists) 2008-

     History of Astronomy, 2008

     Statistical Applications in Experimental Sciences, 2007-

     Galactic Dynamics (lecture), 2005-

     Measuring Astronomical Distances (lecture), 2004-

     Variable Stars (lecture), 2006-

     Astronomical Seminar 1., 2., 3., 4. 2004-

     Introduction to Astronomy (practice) 1., 2., 3. and 4., 2002-

     Astronomical Laboratory 1., 2002

     Astronomical Observations 1. and 2., 2002-2004

     Physics-Biophysics Laboratory 1. and 2., 1999-

Research Related Public Activities

     Secretary of the Roland Eötvös Physical Society (2008-)

     Proposal Reviewer for the ``Magyary Zoltán'' Public Foundation for Higher Education

     Section Leader of the Hungarian Astronomical Association (1997-2005)

     Editor and columnist of the monthly 'Meteor'.

     $>$100 additional papers written in various journals

     Public observations at the Observatory of Szeged and Polaris Observatory, Budapest.


     Hungarian Astronomical Association, member, Budapest, 1994

     Hungarian Astronomical Association, section leader, 1997-2005

     Roland Eötvös Physical Socitey, Budapest, 2005

     Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006-

Scholarships, Fellowships, Honours:

     ``Bolyai János'' Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2007

     ``Magyary Zoltán'' Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2006-2007

     Pro Scientia Gold Medal, 2001

     Faculty Excellent Student, 2002.

     Scholarship of the Republic 1999/2000, 2001/2002


     Medium degree English (010557-1996, 11082-1996)

     Univ. Exam Voc. Spanish (SZTE 2004/48)

     some German and Polish


  Refereed Journal Papers  

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  11. Szabó Gy.M., Gergely Á.L., Keresztes Z., The luminosity-redshift relation in brane-worlds: II. Confrontation with experimental data, PMC Physics A, 1, 8.
    IF=Vol 1. issue - IF in 2009!

  12. Keresztes Z., Gergely A. L., Nagy B., Szabó M. Gy., 2007, The luminosity-redshift relation in brane-worlds: I. Analytical results, PMC Physics A, 1, 4.
    IF=Vol 1. issue - IF in 2009!

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    Conference Proceedings


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+ 177 papers and articles in Hungarian (see the Hungarian CV for the complete list).



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