Piano playing:since 1984
Solo singing: since 1997

Membership of choirs:
Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, Szeged 1995-1998 (ch. ld.: Illés Mihály)
                              radio recordings: 1996, 1997
                                        TV: 1995 (Liszt: Coronation Mass, Nemzeti Filharmonikusok, Vez.: Medveczky Ádám)
                                        competition: Loretto, Italy, 1997 - silver qualification
Mixed Choir of "Miklós Radnóti" High School, Szeged 1995-1997
                                        competition: Singing Youth - every years; gold qualification
Chamber Choir of "Miklós Radnóti" High School, Szeged 1995-1999
                                        competition: Singing Youth - gold qualification

Piano competitions:
Erkel Diákünnepek, 1995, solo instrument - bronze qualification
Mohács Music Festival, 1996 - third prize
Erkel Diákünnepek, 1997, solo instrument - bronze qualification
JATE musical competition, 1998, non-vocal music - second prize
Mohács Music Festival, 1999 - first prize and outstanding prize
JATE musical competition, 1999, vocal music - third prize
JATE musical competition, 1999, non-vocal music - first prize
Alba Regia competition, 2000. - second prize
SZTE musical competition, 2000, instrumental music - first prize

Recordings of a few piano concerts of mine:

Debussy: Hommage a' Rameau(gzipped Mp3 format)
recorded: 1998. oct. 27., Szeged, National Thealtre  7 min

Bartók: Three Slovakian folksongs (from "For Children") (wav format)
recorded: 1997. dec. 12., at home  3 min

Kodály: Epitraphium(gzipped mp3 format)
recorded: 2000. nov. 22., SZTE Hall   7.5 min

Bartók: Musettes (gzipped mp3 format)
recorded: 1999. nov. 24., JATE Hall  3 min

Bartók: Music of the night(gzipped mp3 format)
recorded: 1999. nov. 24., JATE Hall, Szeged 5.2 min

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