Nano- and Microprocessing Laboratory

Our research group proudly stems from the Laser Microfabrication Laboratory (LAMILAB), founded by Prof. Tamás Szörényi before the turn of the millennium. This is well reflected in the fact that laser induced materials processing, especially microprocessing is still one of our actively studied field. In recent years our research interest is more and more driven by nanoscience and nanotechonolgy, i.e. the generation, study and application of various materials structures at the nanometer scale. We are interested in the nano- and microstructuring of various materials systems, along with the investigation and development of techniques that are able to generate nanoparticles, nanostructures, and patterns in the nano- and/or micrometer size range. We are aiming at understanding the fundamental mechanisms behind the structural changes and in this sense we are always doing basic science. However, at the same time our research portfolio is strongly application oriented, since the technologies and materials systems we focus on always have industrial relevance.