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TestSTORM version 2.1

Matlab code: testSTORM-v2.1
User Guide:
Release highlights:

  • Replaced Matlab’s iteration to a custom one for increased reliability when calculating scalar or vectorial PSFs.
  • Modification to the focal position determination when calculating scalar or vectorial PSFs. Results only slightly different focal position than the previous algorithm, in normal cases (~22 nm difference with the default settings).
  • Fixed a bug when calculating scalar or vectorial PSFs (not sure whether a new Matlab version caused it or it was originally in the code). The PSFs shapes and peaks were only marginally affected.
  • Made a workaround for a bug causing higher blinking event brightness when simulating with very low “Sample depth” value.
  • Added “Synaptosomes” option to the random “Vesicles” pattern.
  • Parameters files exported with previous TestSTORM versions (2.0.x) and containing “Rods”, “Vesicles” or “Octagons” patterns can not be imported any longer starting this version.
  • Added a tool with which the generated PSF can be depicted.
    Other clean-ups and modification in the code which should not affect the behaviour of the program.

rainSTORM v3.0

Two years after rainSTORM v2.37 was released it was time for some refreshing. The rainSTORM v3.0 is here! It was tested under Matlab R2014a but it might run on older versions. (The user guide is still ‘in progress’ but the old one can help your journey.)

To start the application you have to extract the dowloaded file, change the working directory to rainSTORM and run this command: startup; rainSTORM;

Here are the highlights:

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Updates on the STORM Laboratory project

After the cleaning phase we started packing out from the boxes. Click for Gallery Read more

New STORM Laboratory in Szeged

After the Bólyai-building reconstruction project we finally got our new laboratory in the basement. At the moment we’re at low level hardware mode. Some cleaning has to be done, but after that, real science can start.

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