TestSTORM version 2.1

Matlab code: testSTORM-v2.1
User Guide:
Release highlights:

  • Replaced Matlab’s iteration to a custom one for increased reliability when calculating scalar or vectorial PSFs.
  • Modification to the focal position determination when calculating scalar or vectorial PSFs. Results only slightly different focal position than the previous algorithm, in normal cases (~22 nm difference with the default settings).
  • Fixed a bug when calculating scalar or vectorial PSFs (not sure whether a new Matlab version caused it or it was originally in the code). The PSFs shapes and peaks were only marginally affected.
  • Made a workaround for a bug causing higher blinking event brightness when simulating with very low “Sample depth” value.
  • Added “Synaptosomes” option to the random “Vesicles” pattern.
  • Parameters files exported with previous TestSTORM versions (2.0.x) and containing “Rods”, “Vesicles” or “Octagons” patterns can not be imported any longer starting this version.
  • Added a tool with which the generated PSF can be depicted.
    Other clean-ups and modification in the code which should not affect the behaviour of the program.

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