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1st Super-Resolution Symposium (HU)

We have initiated an annual meeting for super-resoultion microscope users in Hungary. The first symposium will take place at University of Szeged, on 8th March 2019.

The preliminary program is built around the major super-resolution techniques and their applications. After the talks the participants can visit multiple microscope laboratories in Szeged. Bring your own samples!

mmSTORM: Multimodal localization based super-resolution microscopy

Super-resolution localization microscopy provides a powerful tool to study biochemical mechanisms at single molecule level. Although the lateral position of the fluorescent dye molecules can be determined routinely with high precision, measurement of other modalities such as 3D and multicolor without the degradation of the original super-resolved image is still in the focus. In this paper a dual-objective multimodal single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) technique has been developed, optimized and tested. The proposed optical arrangement can be implemented onto a conventional inverted microscope without serious system modification. Read more

Updates on the STORM Laboratory project

After the cleaning phase we started packing out from the boxes. Click for Gallery Read more

Laboratory opening celebration

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New STORM Laboratory in Szeged

After the Bólyai-building reconstruction project we finally got our new laboratory in the basement. At the moment we’re at low level hardware mode. Some cleaning has to be done, but after that, real science can start.

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